An end-to-end solution for the construction industry

Keep track of your company’s projects, resources, and finances with the CloudES platform. Designed to meet all needs of the modern construction industry. 

Multi-Platform for construction solutions

With CloudES, all information about your company is accessible in one system, which allows you to always maintain a full overview, make complex calculations, and realistic forecasts. 

Project Creations


File & Versions Management


Tender & Collaborations


Visual 2D Planner, PDF


BIM Viewer & Mixed AR


Estimate & Budget


Timeline, Gantt
 & Cyclogram


QSHE Manager


Site Manager


Finance ERP


Mail & Calendar


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Project Roles

With CloudES, you understand your position’s requirements for being able to work efficiently and result-oriented.

Building Owners & Contractors

Building owners get better insights, based on their own data. Live dashboards give you an overview with real time data.


Work together more efficiently and optimize tender flow, which categorizes both cost, time, and flow.

Main Contractor

CloudES helps main contractors to always coordinate projects successfully without minimizing margins.


The work of sub-contractors is significantly easier and more efficient with CloudES.

Part Contracting

CloudES goes in-depth with everything, thus matching the needs of the construction industry.


Suppliers are connected directly to CloudES, which optimizes tender flow and project access.

Common Data Environment (CDE)

Our complex data environment provides you with solid, in-depth data. The data environment in CloudES combines data from several work functions.

Data Pattern Analysis (DPA)

The data pattern analysis in CloudES gatheres and generates intelligently Group Learning Data on a daily basis, which you can benefit from.

Create value and advantages with CDE & DPA

When companies choose to create a common data environment, it presents them with the ideal opportunities for making data-based optimizations.

Company Roles

The CloudES platform makes your work and working together both faster, safer, and easier for all employees in the construction industry. Learn more below.

CEO & Board of Directors

Easy access to everything you need as CEO, board member, sales, or purchasing manager.

Finance ERP

Our ERP system gathers the core in a central administration, which is accessible everywhere.

Audit Management

Access projects in a new way that provides you with better insights allowing you to make data informed decisions.

Bid & Tender

Tender work takes time. Optimize tender flow with CloudES and reduce tender costs with up to 50 %.

Estimate & Sales

Accurate calculations and autogenerated forecasts allow you to start building right away.

Project Design

We have created several tools that turn design approval into a simple task.

Main Contracting

On CloudES, you work with main contracting in a efficient, professional, and multi-disciplinary manner.

Part Contracting

Get familiar with the in-depth degree of detail on projects that make your work faster and easier.


Our E-learning allows you to upskill your team’s digital know-how. 

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