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The efficiency and profitability of the construction industry have barely improved over the past 50 years. At CloudES we’re about to change all that.

Our goal is to make it easier to make a profit in construction. Knowledge is the key to this.

In collaboration with construction industry experts and some of the smartest software developers in the business, we’ve developed a groundbreaking platform that uses your company’s own data to make quick and accurate financial decisions, enabling you to minimise potential risks and financial losses, increase efficiency and add value to your bottom line.

CloudES can be used by all construction company employees, from senior management, project managers and engineers to finance staff, site managers and skilled trades workers.

Our Vision

At CloudES, we wish to make it easier to make a profit in construction – and we want to automate the construction industry from A to Z. We believe that knowledge is the route to growth, also in the construction industry. When we know what we do well, we can do it again and again and achieve better results, higher profits, and more efficiency.

That is why we have created a platform that gives all company employees access to the knowledge they need, from employees on the construction site to the employees in management offices. A platform that uses knowledge to connect older, more experienced hands with the younger, up-and-coming generation. A platform that makes it possible to zoom in on every level of a construction project, from the overall management perspective down to the last bolt on the building site.
It’s all about creating value – and we do that when we share knowledge and learn from our collective knowledge. CloudES is an intelligent system that connects people, software, and data on a single platform – so everyone involved always has access to everything they need.

About us

Our Core Values


Quality is the core of CloudES. We have a high quality platform, constructed by builders for builders and therefore extremely user-friendly in the construction world. We have high quality software, developed by some of the world’s most skilled programmers. And we have a high quality customer service who will help you get started with the platform and to answer any questions you may have.

We don’t want to be the biggest in the world, but we do aim to be the best in the world!

Loyality & Honesty

At CloudES, we go to great lengths for our customers, large and small. We are always honest and we do not make anything that is not high quality. For us, there are no quick and easy solutions – we take responsibility and create security. CloudES is a platform based on data. A platform that reflects reality so that you have an objective and candid starting point for your activities.


CloudES was crafted by people from the construction industry who know the workflows and the challenges that you face. That is why CloudES is designed to make construction simpler. But the platform is also simple to use – it is both intuitive and logical. CloudES must make construction work more efficient and simple. That is simply its sole purpose.


CloudES management

CloudES was founded by Marc Rosenberg, Martin Knudsen and Kim Mosegaard. Together, they represent many years’ experience of the construction industry and business management.

CloudES Construction Management Software Boardmember Marc Rosenberg

Marc Rosenberg

Founder & CEO Development Partner
CloudES Construction Management Software Boardmember Martin Knudsen

Martin Knudsen

Chairman & Commercial Interest (Partner)
CloudES Construction Management Software Boardmember Kim Mosegaard

Kim Mosegaard

Board Member (Partner)


Our organizational culture

At CloudES, we have an international organizational structure, where we always strive to attract the most highly qualified professionals.

CloudES Organisation Structure
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