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Data-driven business provides an overview and drives economic growth

Do you want to grow your company’s profits? Do you need to get a better overview of your company’s strengths and weaknesses? Do you want to monitor individual construction projects, both at an overall level and down to the tiniest detail?

With data-driven business, you can do all this and more.

Match your company's strategies to your own data

When you base your company’s strategies and results on your own data, you get a highly detailed insight into what your company can achieve. This makes it easier for you as a manager to have a complete overview and to plan out company strategies accordingly.

CloudES is a platform that was designed specifically for the construction industry and which gives you the opportunity to collect data, set budgets, assess risks, document, plan and much, much more – all in a single solution. The benefit? All of your company’s activities are based on real data from your company.

Here are some of the things you can do with CloudES:

Reap the financial benefits of CloudES

CloudES gives you a complete overview of your company’s finances at all times. You can view your finances on a number of different levels:

from global to national, all the way to an individual construction project. You can view all the projects your company has ever carried out and you can see if a project is going sideways and requires extra revisions. Everything is updated in real-time and you can access the information no matter where you are. If you need to inform the board, investors or the bank about your company’s finances, you can find the latest data quickly and easily.

Why hav a data-driven business?

Productivity and profitability in the construction industry has not seen much growth over the last 50 years. CloudES wants to change that! For five years the people behind CloudES have worked with experienced contractors and some of the world’s best engineers and programmers to create a platform that can turn the construction industry into a data-driven sector quickly and easily.

CloudES is a groundbreaking piece of technology, designed specifically for the construction industry, which gives all stakeholders a single platform that optimises and streamlines workflows based on a company’s own data.

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