Calculations & Version Manager

In today’s day and age, connectivity is essential, especially when it comes to your business. CloudES, leverages the Internet of Things to change the ways in which project managers and business owners connect to their projects, collect data, and generate advanced reports that allow them to take a closer look into the work that they perform on a daily basis.

In order to generate these reports, we’ve configured CloudES to serve as a major data collection point. Whenever you enter something into CloudES, it becomes stored in our Cloud-based server. From there you can use the Calculations Manager to create advanced customized reports, to perform advanced calculations, and to run comprehensive algorithms that bring you closer to the numbers.

Locations Calculations

Calculating the distance between two destinations, two objects, or two spaces used to be a tedious process, and one that required patients, accuracy, and a steadfast attention to detail, but thanks to CloudES, our comprehensive end to end Calculations Manager makes location calculations easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before.

Our software solution utilizes the most advanced algorithms in the market to accurately calculate the distance between two locations, two objects, or two spaces. So, if you need to calculate the size of a plot in relation to another plot, our software will process the information that you input quickly, so that you can get back to work knowing that your calculation is as accurate as possible.

DCP Materials

Our construction software is fully capable of helping you manage your DCP (direct cone penetration) procedures and materials. Simply log your equipment into our DCP tool in the Calculations Manager to ensure proper calibration, and then perform your process.

Instantly watch the data appear on your screen in real time as your materials perform the test to ensure that the soil that you’re planning to build on is prepared to handle the weight that you’re looking to place on it. Construction has never been easier; with our new DCP tool, CloudES is helping to bring the construction industry to the forefront of data collection and data management.

Hear From Our Customers

Running calculations used to take time – and in fact, it ended up taking so much time that I used to hire an outside consultant and data management team to come into my business and do what CloudES can do in minutes. Long gone are those days, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to CloudES, I can get a closer look at my business all with the tap of a button.

Having the ability to generate custom reports is the biggest game changer for me and my business. I just love the flexibility of this tool, the ease of use, and the advanced metrics and insights that you can see from every single report. It really is such a powerful tool.

DCP is a big part of my business and by having the ability to quickly calibrate my equipment through the Calculations Manager not only makes my job easier, but it allows my team to get out into the field faster, so that we can deliver efficient turnaround for our clients.

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