Economic Overviews

Sometimes, it may be crucial to fully understand just how well (or not well) your business is performing economically. In order to truly determine this, you’d be required to cross reference your expenses, payroll, invoices, profits, and turnover to come to a somewhat accurate conclusion. And if you’ve been too relaxed about maintaining your records, this process could be detrimental to your eventual outcome.

Thanks to CloudES, you can simply log all of that information directly into our system and let our software perform an economic overview of your business with the simple click of a button. In addition, you can perform customized overviews, so that you can track the success of your business across weeks, months, or fiscal periods. The possibilities are endless!

Track Your Sales

Actively keep track of all of your sales, so that you can determine the right target demographic to continue to market your services to. At the end of the day, businesses can learn a ton of information about their performance simply by collecting and analyzing sales data. Let our automated sales feature in Economic Overviews do it for you, so that you can continue to focus on the end-goal, completing projects and satisfying your clients.

An Invoicing Solution

A stalwart process of any business, regardless of industry, market, or scale, invoicing can be a hassle – especially if you’re busy working with clients. But at the end of the day, ensuring that your invoices are issues, paid, up to date, and accurate is going to be what drives all of your business profits and revenue.

Our invoice management feature allows you to accurately log all of your invoices in a single location within Economic Overviews, so that you can quickly pull up an invoice to reference it during a consultation with a client, or so that you can quickly determine which invoices are outstanding and which ones have been closed out. Keeping track of your invoices has never been easier, but thanks to CloudES, you have a brand new software solution at your fingertips.

The Closer Look At Your Business That Makes A Difference

It doesn’t take an accountant to tell you that the economic health of your business is going to determine the success of your venture, right? By integrating CloudES into your everyday workflow, you can gain the closer look at the health of your business than ever before, ultimately allowing you to make better informed financial decisions that help you grow.

As an end to end software solution, our Economic Overviews is just one of the many features that make CloudES so successful – and how comprehensive would CloudES be if it couldn’t help you to better tack your finances?

Hear From Our Customers

The Economic Overviews feature is just another exceptional tool in the long list of tools that CloudES offers. I take a look at the economic and financial health of my firm at least once a week to ensure that I have enough cash flow to meet deadlines, to pay sub-contractors, and to continue executing my marketing strategy.

Thanks to CloudES, I’ve been able to scale my business and expand it into three separate construction divisions – commercial, residential, and industrial. The Economic Overviews feature is really what helped me to make better business decisions that ultimately allowed me to find the capital to expand.

The financial health of any business is important, but when much of your economic health is dependent on sub-contractors who you have to hire, it can begin to get a little tricky. CloudES helped me to better track my finances, so that I could pay my sub-contractors on time and ensure that I was continuously generating revenue with every new project.

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