CloudES for corporate finance

Want a complete overview of your finances and the profitability of all your company’s construction projects?
Need to keep abreast of any budget overruns? Want to monitor the financial growth of a project in real-time so that you have an opportunity to manage it?

CloudES is a platform that makes it easier to keep track of your company’s finances. It has been developed by professionals especially for the construction industry and in the audit module, you will find everything you need to be able to work with your company’s finances and individual project finances. Here, your company’s budget, as well as all project budgets and forecasts can be viewed in real-time – no matter where you are. This makes it easy to present the latest financial data to investors, the bank or the board.

The benefits for your finance department

CloudES makes it easy to keep track of your company’s finances. You can use it to:

  • Get an overview of your company’s budget, as well as project budgets and forecasts.
  • Manage ongoing work and see real-time financial changes.
  • Manage problematic projects and make additional revisions at each stage of the project, as necessary.
  • Navigate all invoices and send invoices for approval.
  • Get accurate calculations of the financial consequences of contract changes for your project’s overall finances.
  • Assess how a potential project will affect your company’s annual finances – right from the start.
  • Draw up periodic balance sheets.
  • Scan invoices and bills.
  • File approved receipts automatically to ensure consistent archiving and create an overview.
  • Get an accurate insight into where and why potential budget overruns have occurred.

A financial overview increases security and minimises risks

Using your company’s own data, the system automatically calculates the financial consequences of project delays and contract changes. This means that you always have a complete overview of the financial situation across all projects and can avoid incorrect forecasts and calculations.

As a result, your company can avoid extra costs and can optimise the finances of each project.

How CloudES works for your finance department

With the platform’s audit tool you can always keep an eye on:

  1. Project status, showing how far along each project is. The status is updated in real time so you always have an accurate picture of how much of the project has been completed.
  1. Project overview, with details like location, start and estimated end date for the project.
  1. Project finances for each of your company’s projects. For example, you can see agreed penalties, approved budgets, outstanding payments and total costs. The system shows you if you are makings savings (e.g. because the real purchase price of your building materials was lower than what was calculated). In other words, you get a 100% overview and complete transparency across project finances.

Developed to meet the needs of the construction industry

For five years the people behind CloudES have worked with experienced professionals in the construction industry and some of the world’s best engineers and programmers to create a platform that supports the needs and meets the challenges of the construction industry.

The platform optimises and streamlines auditing tasks and makes it easier to collaborate across company departments.
Find out more about CloudES by getting in touch here, or taking a virtual tour of CloudES here.

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