Make more accurate calculations using your company’s own data

Want more accurate financial and schedule calculations based on your company’s own experiences?

When your company uses its own data as a basis for calculations, you get a better overview of what is profitable and how risks can be avoided. CloudES is a platform that allows your company’s project finance department to optimise its calculations based on your company’s own data. Using the data input and the platform’s artificial intelligence (AI), the system sets out a project budget. The platform automatically extrapolates the data input and calculates both schedules and finances simultaneously, enabling employees to resolve tasks faster and more efficiently.

The benefits of using CloudES for number crunching at your company

CloudES has been developed to address the specific needs of the construction industry. With the calculation application you can:

  • Minimise risks by performing calculations based on your company’s own data from previous projects.
  • Save time by calculating both schedules and finances simultaneously.
  • Document everything by logging all changes to a calculation.
  • Find the files you need quickly and easily – the platform automatically archives all documentation in the same way.
  • Optimise the calculation process via a direct link to the BIM model or pdf files.

How CloudES minimises risks and optimises the calculation process

CloudES supports your calculation work in a number of ways:

  1. Instead of performing complex calculations across multiple systems and Excel sheets, CloudES automatically calculates your project budget based on your company’s own data from previous projects.

  1. CloudES instantly calculates how a change will impact the schedule and finances of an entire construction project.

  1. Perform all calculations directly in the BIM model and classify all parts of a building to get a good overview. Synchronising all data with the platform saves you time and money and increases the accuracy of your calculations.

CloudES was designed specifically for the construction industry

For 5 years the people behind CloudES have worked with experienced contractors and some of the world’s most skilled engineers and programmers to develop a tool – specifically designed for the construction industry – that makes calculation work much more efficient, accurate and less prone to risks.

The platform is easy to use and enables employees in all company departments to find relevant information quickly and to facilitate collaboration across departments.

Want to know more about how CloudES can optimize your company’s calculations? Get in touch here or take a virtual tour of the platform. 

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