Get a financial overview of all the company's buildings

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Get a financial overview of all the company's buildings

- From the big perspective to the smallest detail -

When you make your construction company data-driven, you always have control over how the construction company’s finances go. You can see precise projections of the individual construction projects’ finances and of the company’s overall finances. And you can see the economic development in real time at any time.

The data-driven construction business is the future

– The profitability of the construction industry has not developed significantly in the last 50 years. As it is now, it is difficult to predict how a construction project will affect the company’s finances in the long term, says Marc Rosenberg, who is behind CloudES, a data-driven platform that will revolutionize the construction industry.

– The data-driven construction company is the future because it bases its business on facts. What are we good at and how much can we earn from it. It all says in black and white. That way, you can avoid projects that are not profitable. At the same time, one can see exactly how the economy will develop in a given project, he continues.

Can calculate economy and construction time for future projects

The data-driven company bases its finances on its own data. This means that the company is constantly getting wiser about itself. The data that the company collects about itself is used to calculate revenue, costs and schedule for future projects. The background is the platform CloudES, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make calculations based on the company’s data.

But CloudES can do much more than that:

- As a manager of a construction company, you can follow the company's finances in real time. As an accounting employee, you can intervene or do extra audits if a project's finances are running out. As a project manager, you can save time because the platform calculates both finances and schedule for you, Marc Rosenberg explains.

Byggeindustrien Marc Rosenberg
Marc Rosenberg
Founder & CEO Development Partner

Want to know more about CloudES?

CloudES is an online platform that can be used by all construction company employees; from the management to the craftsmen on the construction site. It is developed by people from the construction industry who know the needs and challenges of the construction industry.

Contact us here to hear more about what CloudES can do for your business.


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