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File Manager

In the construction industry, there are certainly no shortages of digital files, and if you don’t have a solid and sound file management system in place, you could find yourself at tremendous risk for data loss – and that could be detrimental.

As we continue to move forward as a paperless society, we must implement precautions to protect against crashes, data loss, or unauthorized usage. CloudES offers a file management solution that is specifically designed to ensure that you never have to organize your files once you design the template, you’ll never have to worry about backups, and you’ll never have to worry about data loss.

Manage your files more effectively and more efficiently with CloudES.

Go Paperless

Keep all of your important documents in a single, safe, and secure digital space – ready to be retrieved at a moment’s notice. Eliminate the need for paper files, which ultimately keeps your business safer and well-protected from loss, misuse, and damage. Keeping an accurate record of all of your projects, expenditures, and the like has never been more important – nor has it ever been easier thanks to CloudES.

File Manager – Upload Files

Unlimited File Retrieval

As a Cloud-based system, you can instantly access any file, document, or contract that you need with the click of a button or a tap on the screen. From anywhere in the world – and as long as you have an internet connection, you can seamlessly retrieve all of your mission-critical files in an instant. You can even send files to team members all through the File Management dashboard, paving the way for an efficient and fast-moving workflow that allows you to offer quick turnaround times for your clients.

Custom Templates

Organize your files however you’d like with CloudES. Imagine our File Management feature as your own private filing cabinet. You can use the draws to organize your files in any way that makes it easier for you to find them or to keep track. Use dividers to separate dates, clients, suppliers, and more. The goal is for you to design your own organization system that is completely unique to your business.

We understand that no two businesses are ever the same, so why should the ways in whichh you organize and manage your files be? With CloudES, open yourself up to unlimited customization with powerful template tools that allow you to create the workflow that you’ve always wanted.

Hear From Our Customers

Organization has never been my strong suit – and my teammates can tell you that the amount of papers that I used to have scattered all throughout my office would give them anxiety. And even though I liked to consider it an organized mess, they would complain that they could never find the right document when they needed it. Thanks to CloudES and the File Management feature, those days are long gone. – my office has never been cleaner!

Going paperless helped to save my company money, time, and resources. Not to mention, it promotes the health of the environment. So far, CloudES and the File Management feature have allowed us to seamlessly transition into a paperless workflow and we simply couldn’t be happier.

Knowing that I have every file that I could ever need all just the tap of a button away feels like a luxury – except it isn’t. This is just how CloudES works – endless customization, endless efficiency, and the ultimate file management experience.

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