Materials & Equipment

With CloudES, keeping track of your materials and equipment has never been easier, neither has maintaining them, servicing them, financing them, and allocating your budget to acquire them. With a comprehensive Materials & Equipment management feature, you can simply your process and ensure that you have everything you need to deliver on your projects.


For any construction business, maintaining an active record of the types of materials you use is integral to the success of current and future projects. For instance, suppose a client requests a particular type of building material that you’d never used before, weren’t entirely familiar with, and had some trouble finding the right supplier – if you log this information into a database, including the name of the supplier, the date in which you ordered it, and the way in which you used that material, you can quickly build a database that you can return to and reference for future projects, should you ever require that type of material again.

With our Materials & Equipment Manager, let the application take care of that for you. Bringing data collection and data management into the construction industry has allowed CloudES to push the industry further than it’s ever gone before, even with something as fundamental as materials.


In the construction industry, it’s safe to say that there is never a shortage of equipment, right? For every job, every project, and every build, there is always going to be a massive arsenal of handheld tools, automated machines, and building equipment to help get the job done faster. In order to manage all of this equipment, you’ll need a highly advanced and cutting-edge equipment management software that can actively track your equipment down to the detail, so that nothing ever goes missing – and today, CloudES offers that solution.

In addition, automated logs will help to inform you when a piece of building equipment is in need of routine servicing, about to lose its certification or license, or any other issue that could often arise throughout the building process. Keep track of your equipment the right way, you won’t be sorry.

Hear From Our Customers

For far too long, I was relying on my 2D floor plans to help my clients envision the spaces that we were creating for them. And in fact, many of our projects were completed with a ‘finished product’ mentality, where our clients wouldn’t entirely know what to expect until they see the finished product. With CloudES, these days are over. I now turn my 2D floor plans into immersive 3D models that I let my client explore before we even consider laying the first brick.

When you own multiple pieces of heavy machinery – from dump trucks, to semi’s, to excavators, to cranes, there’s a lot of liability there – and it’s up to you to ensure that all of it is in working order at all times. With CloudES, I can easily manage and maintain my equipment and keep track of necessary servicing dates to help ensure safety at all times.

As a custom construction business, we work with a lot of unique materials – especially for our luxury and high-end projects. Many of these materials need to be researched and sourced, and thanks to CloudES, I now have a database of materials for my business. So, if a new client comes asking for something, the chances are high that I’ve researched it, purchased it, and have built with it before. All I have to is search my Materials & Equipment Management dashboard to find it.

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