Optimise and document construction with ease

Want to make sure that contractors can start construction work immediately? Need to check how the latest agreements and overtime are affecting your finances? Want to make sure that contractors are doing the work they need to in order to stay on schedule?

CloudES is a platform that makes it easy to register the quality of your construction work, document individual activities and keep track of finances and schedules. CloudES enables contractors and relevant colleagues to record quality assurance, safety rounds and general inspection obligations – all while on the construction site. With the help of a partner app, you can easily view agreed quality requirements and tick them off once they have been met.

The benefits for you as an on-site project manager

CloudES optimises and supports your work as an on-site project manager in a number ways. For example, you can:

  • Maintain an overview of how changes are impacting the schedule.
  • Keep track of agreed penalties and overtime and see how this is affecting finances and any delays.
  • Record and document completed activities and deliveries.
  • Monitor your project budget.
  • Ensure easy and uniform documentation and quality records.
  • Make to-do lists for contractors with just a few clicks so they can get started quickly.


Maintain a complete overview throughout the entire process

CloudES gathers all the data from a project, from agreed penalties and documentation, to notifications of completed work and quality records, all in one place. The system provides you with an overview, so you don’t have to work on several systems all at once.
The platform constantly updates project data, so you can easily monitor the process and plan contractor activities to keep your project on schedule.
For example, if overtime is worked on a project, the platform automatically calculates how this will affect the schedule.

Ensure high quality and efficiency in construction

CloudES’s convenient quality assurance system means that your company can always create documentation to show that construction complies with the agreed standards. At the same time, it ensures that the quality of construction is consistently high, even when it involves multiple contractors.

Keep things moving

Notifications of completed work are also registered in the app, so you always have an overview of when one activity has been completed and the next one can begin. This helps your company and contractors to avoid unnecessary waiting times and delays in construction.

CloudES is designed specifically for the construction industry

For five years the people behind CloudES have worked with experienced contractors and some of the world’s best engineers and programmers to create a platform to support work, drive efficiency and increase productivity in the construction industry. The result is CloudES, which, with its cutting-edge technology, will optimise and streamline workflows across the construction industry.

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