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CloudES Dashboard Overview

Using the advanced and innovative CloudES Dashboard, you can get a complete overview regarding your project at a quick glance.

CloudES Economics Overview

Generate advanced economic reports for your business and gain a deeper insight into your operations

CloudES File Manager

When the project is on the line, CloudES allows project managers to instantly view their BIM files in a simple Cloud-based platform without the need to download additional software.

CloudES BIM & Drawings

Built on its own Open Source IFC, our BIM Viewer will pave the way for endless accessibility across mobile, web, and desktop integrations.

CloudES Calculations

Instantly calculate things like payroll, expenditure, and budget with just a few clicks. From there, use our calculations tools for locations as well. Instantly calculate distance through your materials.

CloudES Timeline

Generate a timeline for the completion or a project, or a series of projects, simply by inputting the right information into our software.

CloudES Communications

Take advantage of everything from video call features to chat and web meeting rooms to drive communication and collaboration all across the board.

CloudES Project Management

With the ability to delegate tasks, maintain communications, monitor progress, and more, CloudES offers a seamless Cloud-based project management experience.

CloudES Handover

Stay ready for next gennerations of Handover and Facility Management

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