CloudES Platform

One-stop solution to keep track of your company’s projects, resources and finances with the CloudES platform. Read more about the various functions below.

Fully integrated suite for industry companies

With all company data in one intelligent platform, your company can maximize profits, optimize company structure, raise efficiency by approx. 25 %, streamline production flow, and get smarter about it self.

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BIM Viewer
& Mixed AR

Our BIM Viewer is design to open IFC format and is utilized in our own cIES format, which is a 3D motions format.


Augmented Reality can – when properly leveraged – help you win more projects, collaborate more accuratly with team members, and improve safety.

Estimate & Budget

Our budget design makes it very easy to gain a complete overview of all types of projects. When using our calculation tool, you have several different calculation methods to choose between, depending on whether it’s a main contract, part-contract, or another type of calculation.

Economy Management

Every night at midnight, the economy is scanned and calculated. Consequently, ongoing projects are automatically regulated.

Timeline, Gantt
& Cyclogram

When your calculations are done, you are ready to review the forecasted schedules.

Project Timelines

Automated location planning.

Build and manage your business end-to-end

All projects must follow a meticulous schedule. Chronology is a way of calculating and dividing time. Accurate time measurement and management is also called chronometry.

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Manage Everything
on Mobile

Gain access to complex company data directly on your mobile. at any time CloudES app is intuitive and easy to use. It provides you resources and inventory management, project tracking, CRM, BI reporting, and invoicing.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

End-to-End Platform

CloudES provides you with a 360° overview of your company’s projects, finances, calculations, auditing and documents. With everything gathered in one platform your company:

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Manage everything

Be the best in constructions and achieve new and higher business goals with CloudES.

By gathering inter-disciplinary data across functions and combine them with a Group Learning AI, your decisions and regulations will be based on your own real-time data.

Start your projects

.. in just 5 minutes. From the second you upload drawings, models and so forth, the platform will calculate budgets and forecast schedules for you to review.

Start building right away!

CloudES is available on all devices

Download CloudES platform on your smartphone to ensure that you have company data right at hand and can check in on project status etc. at any time.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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