Project Management

Overview of all aspects of construction

Do you want to make project management easier and faster? To be able to start construction immediately? To have a full overview of your project’s budget and schedule – all the time?

With the CloudES platform, project managers enjoy a full overview of all aspects of your construction projects – right from the start. Meaning, among other things, that project managers can always compare expenses, deliveries and schedules against the project budget. At the same time, you can see savings and optimizations in the budget right away.

Provides the project manager with the necessary overview

It can often be difficult to get an accurate status of what the finances of a construction project look like, or how far the construction process has progressed in relation to the schedule. With CloudES, you can keep track of your construction projects, while at the same time keeping up with all details of the construction at all times.

For example, you can always see any delays, what causes them and what consequences they have for the overall construction. You maintain a full overview of all financial items, such as materials, suppliers, labour costs and equipment.

Here are some of the benefits for project managers

There are multiple benefits to using CloudES for project management, including:

Technology specially designed for the needs of the construction industry

CloudES is a groundbreaking technology specially designed for the construction industry that gives all players a single, unified platform to optimize and streamline workflows based on the company’s own data. The platform makes it easy to collaborate with both the finance department and construction site management and minimizes the risk of errors in construction projects by calculating budgets, schedules, etc. based on previous data from similar projects.

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