Project Roles

At CloudES, we understand the complex processes involved in construction work. Therefore, we have spent several years perfecting just the right environment that allows construction companies to grow successfully.

Building Owners

A building owner cannot transfer responsibilities for compliance to health and safety regulations. However, said building owner can in fact deligate the tasks. Thus to ensure that each project complies with the regulations.

Building Management

The buidling owner has the final say on the construction site and over the final project work environment - from design review, technical inquiries to common timelines.

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Optimize tender flow when you work as a consultant by managing bid and tender process in CloudES where cost, time and flow categories makes you save time.

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Main Contracting

The main contractor’s work often involves a number of challenges that need to be dealt with whilst keeping track of everything without risking to minimize profit margins due e.g., delays, swing-shifts, over-time, and delivery issues.

Cross Collaborations

Working together across functions has never been easier.


Gain acces to all relevant documents, registrations etc. Keep track of financial agreements and avoid disputes about coordination, swing-shifts, project delays, over-time, deliveries and much more. 


Excellent overview and efficient management of tender lists, building process and progress, timeline and labor. All tasks are easily dealt with in our CloudES Platform. 

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Suppliers are conected directly to your CloudES Platform via API. This makes working together easy, fast and effective. 

Supplier Progress

CloudES makes it easy to track supplier progress and management tasks related to suppliers.

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Facility Management

Monitor day-to-day running in Facility Management with CloudES. Create work orders, upload files, plan ressources, handle invoices, deal with technical queries, keep track of maintenance plans, and much more.

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End-to-End Platform

CloudES provides you with a 360° overview of your company’s projects, finances, calculations, auditing and documents. With everything gathered in one platform your company:

Manage Everything
on Mobile

Gain access to complex company data directly on your mobile. at any time CloudES app is intuitive and easy to use. It provides you resources and inventory management, project tracking, CRM, BI reporting, and invoicing.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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By gathering inter-disciplinary data across functions and combine them with a Group Learning AI, your decisions and regulations will be based on your own real-time data.

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Download CloudES platform on your smartphone to ensure that you have company data right at hand and can check in on project status etc. at any time.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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