QHSE Manager

The QSHE Manager is an exciting feature that allows business owners to better monitor and manage their quality, health, safety, and their workplace environment through a simple, easy to use dashboard. In the construction industry, it’s safe to say that the quality of the work produced is dependent upon a safe, healthy, and efficient workplace environment, and our QHSE Manager brings project managers and business owners closer to their projects by providing them with a window into the level of safety being executed within each project site.


Perhaps above all else, safety should always be of the utmost importance for all construction businesses. Maintaining an active safety record could help your business in a number of ways. For that very reason, CloudES has worked to design one of the most innovative safety management software solutions specifically designed for businesses in the construction industry. Accurately track your safety statistics across projects and time periods to see just where your mistakes and accidents lie.


Maintaining a high level of quality, both in terms of materials used and in the final product is always going to be of the utmost importance for any business, but also especially for the construction industry. Keep a running track record of the quality of the materials that you’ve worked with. Not only will this allow you to better address the needs of those high-end clients, but it’ll also allow you to determine the best quality products in relation to the budget and price points of your clients.

In today’s business world, personalization is everything. By working with customers to ensure them with a particular quality that works within their budget, you can further their experience tenfold.

Issue Management

Quickly respond to known issues in your business, your supply chain, or your building process through the CloudES issue management feature in the QSHE Manager. When issues arise, log them into our application, along with the associated solution, so that you can reference the information should the issue ever arise again. Thanks to our issue management function, business owners and project managers can be better prepared to meet challenges head-on and to quickly implement solutions that mitigate risk and increase the likelihood of completing each project on time and on budget.


Use the QSHE Management feature to keep track of all of your sub-contractors, so that you can rest assured knowing that your contractors are following protocol and remaining safe at the worksite. You can instantly track issues and safety violations from specific sub-contactors and reference them throughout your project process, so that you can identify problematic trends amongst specific sub-contractors.

Your goal as a business owner is to guarantee safety – and when your work with the right sub-contractors, you can trust that they’ll always be ready and willing to do the right thing. Use the QSHE Management feature to determine the right sub-contractors from the wrong ones.

Hear From Our Customers

Before we integrated CloudES into our workflow, it was growing increasingly difficult to track our safety issues and quality issues. We weren’t entirely in touch with the sub-contractors that we used from project to project, and whenever our clients contacted us with an issue, it was rare that we could actually pinpoint the cause. Ever since we began using CloudES, we’ve been able to determine problematic sub-contractors and we’ve eliminated issues and safety violations on the jobsite by more than 75%.

Quality was never an issue for my business, but we had our fair share of safety issues. I had a feeling that it was coming down to one or two sub-contractors who I frequently worked with, but until I started using the QSHE Management feature with CloudES, I couldn’t prove it. Thankfully, I’ve been able to use this feature to my advantage and I no longer work with problematic sub-contractors, which has helped to ensure that my job sites are safer than ever before.

I only like to work with sub-contractors that I can trust. Thanks to CloudES, I have a new level of accountability to ensure that every single worker on my team follows protocol and remains safe on the job – truly a powerful software solution.

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