Benefits of a data-driven business​

Benefits of a data-driven business

Do you need to know the precise strengths and weaknesses of your company so that you can make informed decisions? Do you need to view individual projects in the most granular detail, while at the same time having an overview of all company projects and their profitability? Are you under pressure to minimise risks and financial losses to ensure your company’s financial growth?

With data-driven business, all of this is possible.

What does it mean to be a data-driven business?

A data-driven company collects data on its own activities to become smarter about itself. CloudES is a platform that supports all work processes by using the company’s own data. For example, the artificial intelligence (AI) in CloudES can forecast your company’s financial results based on the data entered. This means that your company can always base its activities on hard facts, rather than guesstimates. At the same time, it ensures that your company’s most experienced employees can share their valuable knowledge with younger generations, because no data is lost.

Among other benefits, a data-driven company enables you to:

  • Get a complete overview of your company’s finances, projects and results.
  • Follow every single construction project – from the big picture right down to the smallest detail.
  • Ensure your company’s financial growth.
  • Streamline company workflows.
  • Perform risk assessments based on your own data.
  • Ensure consistent quality records.
  • Optimise company calculations based on the platform’s artificial intelligence (AI), which automatically forecasts company budgets and schedules.
  • Have direct access to the engine room.

Know your company’s strengths and weaknesses

When company strategies and results are based on your own data, this provides a more detailed insight into what your company can do. In this way, your company’s strategies can be planned based on what you do best. For example, if there is a particular type of construction project that always causes you problems, your company data will reflect this, so you can steer clear and concentrate instead on doing what creates value for the company. In other words, data minimises potential risks and financial losses, increases efficiency and adds value to your bottom line.

Generate an overview of your projects

Being data-driven allows you to use data and analytics to make faster, better and smarter decisions for each of your company’s projects and the entire company’s work. The company data is integrated into systems and processes across all levels so all employees benefit from the data-driven platform.

Why choose CloudES?

CloudES is a specially designed platform for the construction industry that enables you to collect data, project budgets and schedules, assess risks, document quality assurance, plan construction work and much, much more – all in one complete platform.

Why choose CloudES?

  • Maximise profits
  • Optimise company structure
  • Increase efficiency by approximately 25%
  • Avoid unprofitable projects
  • Get a more streamlined production flow

Would you like to know more about what CloudES can do for your business? Read about CloudES features here or contact us here 

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